Gov 97: Sophomore Tutorial (The Politics of Organized Crime)

Teaching Fellow, with Professor Ryan Enos. I developed the syllabus and was the lead instructor for my seminar of the tutorial. 

Gov 1292: Politics in Brazil

Teaching Fellow, with Professor Frances Hagopian. See Reviews and Comments.

Gov 1290: Comparative Democratization​

Teaching Fellow, with Professor Steven Levitsky​. See Reviews and Comments.


Gov 2000: Quantitative ​Methods for Political Science (Cross-listed Stat E190). 

Teaching Fellow, with Professor Xiang Zhou​. See Reviews and Comments (G0v 2000) and Reviews and Comments (Stat E190). Sample lecture video available upon request. 

API 202-Z: Empirical Methods II (Harvard Kennedy School) 

Teaching Fellow, with Professor Gregory Bruich. 

Harvard Summer School 

Gov P-16120: Space Matters: How Geography Affects Politics

Head Instructor, Harvard Pre-College Program​. See Syllabus and Reviews (2018) (2019) (2020).

I have taught a range of substantive, methodological, and policy-oriented courses, both in the classroom and online.

My students include undergraduates at Harvard College of Arts and Science, graduate PhD students, graduate policy school students the Harvard Kennedy School, and summer school learners at the Harvard Extension School. 

I am passionate about mentorship as a pathway to reduce inequality, both through formal in informal channels. I have mentored senior thesis writers and PS-Prep prospective graduate students, among others.